A Centenary of Ingenuity and Imagination

Cubic Gems has been known for years as a maker of sophisticated, 
high-quality fine jewellery and decorative collectable gift items. 
In the past few years, the product range has been expanded to include exquisite jewellery, 
evening bags, luxury decorative and gift items as well as masterpieces. Cubic Gems has thus become a purveyor of exclusive products with reflecting the exacting demand made today for quality design, tradition and master craftsmanship. Our Philosophy




The Diamond Ears Elephant

For nearly 15 years the name of Cubic Gems stood for the art of giving, 
while the fine jewellery production has symbolized the high-quality status of the brand. 
Cubic Gems’ classic piece, "Diamond Ears Elephant" first produced in 1996, 
has become a cult object. Not only because of its timeless design, 
but also because of the unmistakable values which are so characteristic of the entire Cubic Gems collection. 
They are established such as tradition, fine craftsmanship and appreciation

of the need to take time for the essentials- for reflection, feelings, beauty and culture. 

Every Cubic Gems product created over the years bears witness to these values. 
From the classic Elephant to modern interior crystals and fine jewellery. 
They are the results of traditional craftsmanship which confers a sense of eternity of their owners.

Career Opportunity



Grow With Cubic Gems

To be part of a Cubic Gems team member requires a keen awareness of excellence and quality. 
Cubic Gems employees are offered with many merit-based growth opportunities and rewards 
throughout their careers, as the company believes its success is highly due to individual contribution. 
The Cubic Gems recruitment process is based on the candidate’s skills, values, motivations and competence. 
If you are interested to join our team, please send your application to cubicgems@gmail.com

Industrial product certification

Certification Ministry of industry Nonthaburi No: 366/2547  

Award winning product
2004 – OTOP Product champion five stars
2006 – OTOP Product champion five stars
2016 – OTOP Product champion five stars

Our customers
- Gold piggy bag for Government Saving Bank in 2015
- Keychain GSB MUSIC for Government Saving Bank in 2019
- OEM of crysal Royal Barge Suphannahong for 
- Cubic Gems also designed and produced for various national organization, such as Metropolitan Electricity Authority, CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, Boon Rawd Brewery PTT Public Company Limited, CP all company limited, SCB BANK, Kasikorn Bank, TMB Bank, Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarter, Thai Embassy of Kuwait



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