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Product care


Your Cubic Gems Jewelry Product is made of 925/000 Silver with a rhodium finish which protects 
the products from easily tarnishing. Customers should avoid chemical substance and perfume from the product.  
Also, regular cleaning with soft clothes are recommended. 
Gemstones should also be cleaned with a soft cloth.




Following the easy steps below will help ensure lasting enjoyment of your Cubic Gems pieces:

1.    Gently wipe the item with a smooth, soft, dry cloth. No other cleaning agent is needed to clean your product.
2.    Avoid exposure to moisture as well as extreme heat or cold.
3.    Do not expose your Cubic Gems products to perfume or hair care products.

Product repair

Even talented individuals produce Cubic Gems pieces; however, a product may need repair due to any possible accident or occasion of natural disasters. Cubic gems does not give a lifetime guarantee on any products but

we do have a repair facility to serve our customers. 


The repair facility is committed to do the best to repair items that are delivered to Cubic Gems,

nevertheless not all cases of damages can be repaired to the original state. 

The conditions of repair are listed below as following:

-    During the shipment, loss or damages is fully responsible by customers.  So,

customer should purchase insurance for the shipment and always keep a copy of tracking number. 

-    If the products can be repaired, there is a minimum charge of 50 US DOLLAR per items.  

Within 2-4 weeks, we will contact customer with an estimated repair charges either by email or phone call. 

-    In the case that we are unable to repair your Cubic Gems product, then we simply charge you a shipping and handling fee prior to returning items. 

-    Cubic Gems’ repair team has the sole discretion on whether or not product can be repaired. Cubic Gems reserves the right to refuse any repair. 

-    It is our policy that all items for repair are returned to our factory (please see address in contact menu).  

The product must be sent by insured mail or other insured carriers (UPS, FEDEX, DHL) to Cubic Gems co., Itd

Attn: Repair Facility.  

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