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Sort & Select

We believe in placing great emphasis on material selection,

enhancing the beauty of the piece. To achieve the very finest in materials,

we place great emphasis on selecting and sorting for top quality.

Materials are from the top sources of the world, High quality of alloy and precious metal,

crystal from Europe, and experienced jewelers are what we look for. Naturally, only the materials

that pass the most rigorous inspections will be crafted into Cubic Gems' piece.


A fine piece of Cubic Gems' begins with a simple sketch.

Imagining the final work of art, the designer mentally builds its dimension.

It was like a miniature of the work, rather than just a sketched image that's done with a brush.

Finding inspiration in the forms embedded in a piece, Cubic Gems designers

continue to exercise their imagination in creating Cubic Gems' style."

Gems Heating

The achievement of beautiful Gems takes a great deal of temptation.

First is the sort and select of good rough gems. Then the critical delicate task of

stimulating gems in imitated condition of maxma,

the heating temperature must be monitored constantly to maintain 1300 degree

over 60 hours. And yet of all the heated gems, only precious few

will be honored with Cubic Gems name.

Gems Cutting

Cubic Gems' glyptographers bear a special responsibility

to maintain our quality standards.

This means verifying colour, luster, clarity and facets. And of course,

gems must be beautiful, but that is not to say they should be simply perfect.

The key is to identify that uniqueness and to bring out the best effect.

Jewelry Creation

There can be no creative production without close collaboration

between designer and craftsman. The craftsman must understand what

the designer envisages and apply the artistry necessary to bring that image to life.

Working in concert with the designer, Cubic Gems' craftsmen perfected a range

of sophisticated techniques such as doming and milgrain settings,

perforated framework, producing the fine jewelry with a distinctive flair.

From board following forms to the most intricate detail,

they define a consistent style of craftsmanship that live on Cubic Gems' work today.

Art Creation

With art in particular, the more detailed the design,

the greater the importance of intricate production technique.

The art division develops highly advanced capabilities specific to its mission

and was thus instrumental in establishing the Cubic Gems reputation for unmatched quality.

We believe the slightest discrepancy can make a huge different in the look

and character of the finished ring. Our work is the challenge

of finding that tiny yet critical difference.

Polish & Plating

To bring out a full character of Cubic Gems' pieces, every part is slowly and

carefully polished. For Cubic Gems shining, it is an integral part of the creative process,

critical in imparting a vibrant luster to the piece and bringing out their full splendor of its beauty.

Every pieces are plated with three layers, which consists of cooper, silver and 24k gold plated.  

Special technique of coating is used with all pieces to ensure the long lasting of our work.    

We believe that luster of the piece reflects its owner.  

Quality Assurance

Selecting the ideal materials, designing, perfecting the finish product.

And throughout these processes, exacting the highest possible quality

to create a piece of unmatched elegance is always been Cubic Gems' approach.

Cubic Gems' quality is the one and only reason our piece is admired and

appreciated around the world. The quality is source of our pride,

and it is the foundation of Cubic Gems.    

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